Through trials and changes, St George’s is still a thriving Anglican Church

St George’s is the oldest surviving building in Everton (well, second oldest, if you count the famous lock-up!) and is still used for its original purpose as a gathering place for Christians to worship God and serve the local community.  Since the establishment of church in 1814 there have been over 30,000 baptisms, 11,000 weddings and innumerable funerals. 

St George’s first Vicar, Rev. Robert Pedder Buddicom was energetic in setting the tone for the church- establishing the St George’s Schools (whose legacy survives in the Beacon CE School next door to the church) and publishing at least 15 volumes of sermons.  It was reputed that ‘it was no uncommon thing for him to be three months without sitting down to a proper dinner’.

Throughout its history, the church has adapted and evolved to meet the needs of the fast changing community surrounding it- from organising services in Welsh for the benefit of large numbers of people moving to Everton from Wales in the 1870s,  to the city wide children’s initiative ‘Kidz Club’ in the 21stCentury- alongside the regular patterns of worship, weddings, baptisms, and funerals.

Today, the church is a thriving and diverse mix of people of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities, and continues its mission to provide for the spiritual, social, and material needs of the local community.